Elementary Korean for Advanced Speakers

This course is for students who can speak in Korean about matters related to everyday life situations but can not read and write at the same level. This course covers the 1st year Korean material in a semester. Students with no language background should enroll in EAST-UA 254 Elementary Korean I. If you need a permission code to enroll, please contact the Korean Language Coordinator, Jeesun Park: jeesun.park@nyu.edu.

This intensive elementary course covers the first-year Korean material in a single semester. The course is designed for students with some Korean-speaking background, who can understand and speak basic to intermediate conversational Korean but do not have previous formal language training in reading and writing. It aims to develop students’ correct pronunciation, grammatical accuracy and overall competence in reading and writing.






Fall 2018

Cheun Mi Kim
MTWR: 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM 7E12 131