20th Century Korean Lit in Translation

SAME AS V29.0611

This course traces the dynamic relays and reciprocal impacts of novels, films and contemporary arts in South Korea. The course primarily aims at developing the student’s critical ability through introducing historical genealogies of racism, nationalism and the notions of colonial modernity, new paradigm of womanhood such as new women/modern girl, romantic love and the political notions of the nation-state, feminism and gendered nationalism in Korean literature (Yi Sang, Na Hye-Sok, Nam Jeong-hyun, Kim Seung-ok, Gong Sun-ok, Gi Hyeong-do, Pun Hye-Young, Shin Kyung-Sook, and Han Kang) and films (Yang Ju-nam, Shin Sang-ok, Kim Ki-young, Han Hyung-mo, Park Chan-wook, Bong Joon-ho, Lee Chang-dong and Zhang Lu), which are closely related to the transformative aesthetic, social and political implication of modern Korea. This course is designed to offer a series of discourses concerning (1) the historical genealogies of specific modes of gender, sex, and racial issue which are related to the imperial discourse during the modernization process through literature, films and other forms of cultural artifacts (2) the implication of nationality and race in various contexts in literature and film including the notions of colonialism, imperialism, nationalism and Americanization in relation to the multi-layered positions of Japanese sexual slavery women, sex workers, female laborers, queer subjectivities in Korea (3) the questions of femininity and masculinity in the knowledge production in modern and contemporary South Korea. The assigned readings will be provided in English.

Provides an overview of 20th-century Korean literature, tracing its development under the competing influences of tradition, history, and the West. Readings include drama, poetry, and fiction from modern and contemporary periods. Includes occasional lectures on classical forms of Korean literature and drama.

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Spring 2018

Yongwoo Lee
W: 3:30 PM - 6:10 PM 7E12 124 (SB)