"I’m a long-term student here at Deutsches Haus and I really love all the programs here: the cultural activities, the teachers, and the other students. It’s a true community and I’ve gotten so much out of it personally and professionally. German is one of the most important languages of the 21st century and if you’re in New York City and you want to improve your skills, you definitely want to come here."   -- Thomas Koveleskie

"I've completed my 25 hours of instruction with Heidi Ziegler, and I'm writing to tell you that she was an absolutely excellent teacher. Throughout each 150-minute session we worked at a fast pace and moved seamlessly from one learning approach to another - conversation, reading, writing, grammatical exercises, watching and commenting on films, and more. She was very responsive to the scattered and rusty German that I started with - she tailored the exercises to fill in the open gaps in my skills and focused our work on preparing me for specific communication situations that I had described to her. She made every minute productive, interesting, and enjoyable despite the length of the sessions. I was pleased with my progress during and after our sessions, but I'm even more delighted now that I've been in Berlin for the past four days. I've definitely noticed that I communicate much more easily with German-speakers than I did when I was last here in November. Most of the time they respond to me in German with no hesitation. I definitely look forward to coming back for another series of lessons when I can." -- Steve Karan


"Seit Herbst 2009 bin ich Student wie auch Mitglied des Buchklubs beim Deutschen Haus. Meiner Meinung nach könnten die Qualität der Professoren und Lektionen sogar besser als bei Sprachschulen in Deutschland sein. Meine Erfahrung beim DH fördert die Neugier auf die deutsche Sprache, Literatur und Kultur, welches besonders hilfreich für die C2-Prüfung war. Die hervorragenden Lehrkräfte der Kurse bieten einen umfangreichen Lehrplan, der die Studenten sehr motiviert. Zudem ist Regula immer sehr ermutigend, und ohne ihre stetige Unterstützung und Hilfe hätte ich die C2 Prüfung nicht bestanden. Darum freue ich mich jede Woche auf meinen Kurs." -- Simon Fong


"Deutsches Haus has been a lovely community and space to learn German. For 2 semesters I have hopped off the train and with a brief walk over to the class, have enjoyed learning and developing my German, which is a third language for me. My teacher was ever patient, fun and informative. She took the time to challenge us but also stop and just enjoy the discussions about the cultural differences and historical references that arose in class. The pace was great and by the end of each session, everyone felt like they had made much progress in grasping the grammar and style of German. Highly recommend taking a class there and definitely recommend learning from Adelheid." -- Nina

"Deutsches Haus is as good as it gets. I am a total beginner German language student and picked DH as their classes fit my schedule. Little did I know that they would be the most professional and wonderful place around. I have completed two preliminary rounds (Beginner levels) and intend to continue ad infinitum. Now I am excited to see how far I can go. I find Deutsches Haus to be thoroughly professional and the teaching is supreme. I hope to be a student here forever. I am only a novice learner but the way that they teach is very encompassing and completely non-judgmental for the adult English language speaker. It is also a good value!  I highly recommend Deutsches Haus for the beginning German student." -- Lisa Johnson


"This is my fifth course at Deutsches Haus. I’ve had a really great experience of learning German here. I encourage anyone that is a serious student of German to attend classes at Deutsches Haus because they have beginning and intermediate-upper level courses, and the course I’m taking now is like a seminar or a high level seminar at college. Anyone who wants to advance in German language and German culture – this is the place to go."   -- Karen Jessen


"Deutsches Haus at NYU offers a truly unique and inviting space in New York to learn the German language and gain a cultural understanding of the German speaking world.  I very much appreciate the high quality of both the language classes and the cultural programs.  Deutsches Haus is a very warm and welcoming environment; the language classes have participants from a variety of different national and linguistic backgrounds, which increases the cultural diversity within the classroom.  I highly recommend Deutsches Haus at NYU for any New Yorker who is interested in the German language and culture and encourage you to take advantage of the breadth of classes and programs that are available at Deutsches Haus." -- Jacob Balter


"I recently finished the A.1 and A.2 Beginner courses at Deutsches Haus NYU with Heidi as our teacher. Heidi is a great teacher, and I would recommend her to anyone interested in taking courses at NYU. I especially appreciated the pace she set for the class, and her challenging us to discourse and use new words/phrases as we learned them. I hope I can work it out with my schedule to take more classes soon!" -- Dan Peck


"I am currently taking the level A1/2 course here at Deutsches Haus and the experience has been astounding. It’s super immersive here and all the teachers are extremely helpful. They are all very diverse, so you get a lot of cultural roots, and the overall feeling here at Deutsches Haus is just one very warm and welcoming environment. It’s such a close-knit community. It becomes exactly like its title is: a home."  -- Christian Mendonca


"Learning German made a profound change in my life. It was not just the acquisition of fluency in another language that changed me, but the process of learning to read, write, speak, think, and live in German that opened me up to an unexpected array of experience, insight, and perception. Trying to learn German forced me into situations in which I had to both talk to people and listen to what they were saying. I don’t really remember how I had managed to function in my mother tongue without this ability, but it is now clear to me that I never really understood the function of language was to communicate — to listen, and to be heard. Without this knowledge, I led a fairly isolated and somewhat asocial existence. While I am not suggesting that the German language itself was the key that opened this lock for me, I am sure the process of learning it was. I have read a great number of books in German, and have come into contact with ideas and concepts I would never have encountered had I not opened myself up the language. I also learned a new way of thinking. My experience at Deutsches Haus has been invaluable in this undertaking. The teachers, the staff, visiting scholars and writers, and fellow students worked together to make this an enjoyable and thrilling adventure. If you are contemplating learning German, Deutsches Haus, NYU is the place to do it." -- Bernd Rittersporn