TestDaF is an examination prepared at a central location and implemented around the world. It is intended primarily for students who wish to study in Germany and require   
certification of advanced German skills. The TestDaF-Institut in Bochum is responsible for preparing and implementing the TestDaF examination. Deutsches Haus is proud to be an
officially licensed TestDaF testing center, one of only four in the United States.

Fee: 175 EURO aprox. 220 USD
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Registration: Students interested in taking the TestDaF exam must register directly online with the TestDaF-Institut. Payment must also be made online by credit card.
Click here to register and for more details.

Exam dates: Deutsches Haus will offer the next TestDaF exam on the following date:

  • June 14, 2017 (registration deadline: May 17, 2017)

If you have signed up for the exam, please arrive at Deutsches Haus by no later than 9:45 am (ID check). The TestDaF exam begins promptly at 10 am!

Reading Knowledge Exams

Deutsches Haus also offers a Reading Knowledge Exam at the end of each completed term, five times a year. There is no minimum of students for the exam to take place. The exam is also open to students who are not currently enrolled.

During the exam, students are presented with a text of about 300 words. They have 90 minutes to translate the text. The final grade is based 100% on the exam. Acceptable translation aids: Traditional or electronic dictionaries only. Online translation resources are not allowed.
The registration fee for all exam participants is $100.

Upcoming Reading Knowledge Exam:
For further information, please contact Deutsches Haus.