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Introduction to Linguistics
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm  (June 20 - July 20)
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One of the primary challenges that English-speaking learners of German face is a wide range of phenomena not found in English, such as unexpected word orders, and confusing word endings.  This course is intended to be an introduction to a range of linguistic concepts that will make learning German easier: What is case for?  What are prepositions for?  Why must words come in certain orders? We will use Old English, the variety of English used in the Middle Ages, as a tool to demystify some of the more complicated structures of the German language. See how Old English can be considered an "intermediate stage" between a language like German, on the one hand, with a strict "verb-second" rule and endings for accusative, dative, and genitive cases, and present day English, on the other hand, where little remains of these features. Learners of German will gain important linguistic and historical context for German grammar they might find problematic, so that mastering the language becomes easier and faster.


C1/C2 Literature(June 21 - July 26)  

Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30pm  

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Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm from June 21 - July 26
Swiss author Friedrich Dürrenmatt is one of the most critically acclaimed postwar European writers. His plays and novels often make sharp and ironic observations about society. Among others, he criticizes pompous manners and traditions as well as corruption so smooth that it has seeped into everyday life. This, for example, is the case in his crime novel Justiz (1985), where crime becomes a reflection on the political and social climate.
In this course, we will analyze the novel, compare parts of it with the English translation, The Execution of Justice, discuss different interpretations and we will watch and discuss the movie about the book (Justiz by movie director Herbert Geissendorfer).
Book: Friedrich Dürrenmatt: „Justiz“ (Diogenes Verlag, 1987)
Please purchase your own copy (available at Amazon).
English translation: The Execution of Justice (Random House, 1989)
Please purchase your own copy (available at Barnes and Nobles)


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