German Classes

Standard Classes

Beginner - Mastery (A1 - C2 CEFR) level classes taught through speaking, listening, reading, and writing. These courses use the Begegnungen and Erkundungen textbooks (Schubert Verlag).

Conversation and Linguistics Classes

Deepen your understanding of German language and culture with our rotating selection of thematic courses that highlight German-language literature and film. We also offer linguistics courses taught in English for students particularly interested in the structures that make language work.

Placement Test

If you are unsure of which class is right for you, start by taking our placement test online. After you submit, we will contact you to discuss your level and help you select a course.

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We care deeply about meeting our students' diverse and ever-changing motivations for learning German. Each individual student receives the best instruction possible through our small class sizes (typically between 6-12 students) and the innovative, thoughtful, and creative German language lessons delivered by our team of highly qualified and experienced teachers