Children's Program


The Deutsches Haus Children's Program is designed for children with at least one German-speaking parent. It caters to toddlers, Pre-K, elementary school and middle school children, furthering their acquisition of the German language. Raising children to be bilingual can be difficult; without a group of bilingual peers, children may find the second language frustrating. Deutsches Haus provides an exciting alternative with lessons modeled on those of the German school system. Please click here for class descriptions and registration details.

The staff holds Parent Teacher Conferences every semester to update families on classroom activities and individual students' progress. We pride ourselves on creating a sense of community among families with a shared interest in German, Austrian, and Swiss culture. 

We complement these lessons with a variety of cultural experiences, including a German Kasperltheater, a St. Martin lantern parade, and celebrations for both St. Nikolaus and Easter. Please click here for more details on our cultural events for children.