Recent events have once again brought attention to the contentious and complex topic of migration to Europe. While our current moment is perhaps notable for the intensity of migratory flows and the pressing question of asylum, it is part of a longer historical trajectory of mobility, demographic change, and geo-political entanglements. In this class, we will explore both the historical foundations of Europe’s contemporary approaches to immigration, and the various responses immigration has elicited from policy and practice. In this vein, we will study migration both as political challenge and as everyday social experience. Drawing upon a wealth of case studies, we will explore the various discourses that frame contemporary debates on immigration, in addition to how those discourses influence and inflect policy and practice. Finally, we will also complement these discussions with explorations of the theories that undergird integration and inclusion policy, including cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism, (new) racism, difference, and post-colonialism. In addition to readings, we will draw upon film and literature in our efforts to understand the contemporary social, political, economic, and cultural dynamics of Europe’s increased difference.

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Fall 2017

Stefano Albertini
TR: 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM CASA 203
Melissa Alexander
TR: 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM CASA 203