Grad Sem Europ Studies

Required for CEMS MA students. Not open to visiting students. This course explores the design of research methodologies employed in the field of European Studies. During the class we will cover various types of empirical methods, focusing on qualitative ones, particularly ethnography, historical research, visual analysis and digital media analysis. We will look at different examples of how these methods can be effectively used and combined for studying different aspects of European societies, EU’s political institutions, and cultural practices. The course will emphasize the framing of research questions, the choice of best methods for doing thesis research, and how methodological approaches influence the significance, meaning, and impact of the results. Assignments from this course are designed to help students prepare for and advance their MA thesis projects. They will consist of several relatively small projects as well as a larger research project employing an original methodology.

Trains European studies graduate students in approaches to research and in the sources and uses of research materials on Europe. Students start work on what will eventually become the master?s thesis. Topics of discussion include how to select an appropriate topic, how to formulate a question about it, and how to design and develop the argument at the core of the thesis.

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Spring 2018

Filip Erdeljac
R: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM KJCC 324