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Archives – and the records they hold – are the bedrock of historical research. But the definition of archive, and by extension, of the sources through which to examine the past, has expanded considerably in the last forty years. Where written and printed documents once reigned supreme, oral sources and ethnographic methods now routinely figure in the work of historical research and analysis. Social history in particular, in seeking to capture the voices and experiences of historical actors long sidelined from the archival record, has more and more incorporated tools drawn from fields like anthropology and sociology not only to complement written sources, but to construct accounts of historical processes otherwise impossible through written records alone.

Historiographic and analytic approaches to variable topics. Recent colloquia have included Historical Consciousness in Latin America; Age of Revolution in Latin America and the Caribbean; Race, Gender, and Nation; US-Latin American Relations; Historical Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity in Latin America; Independence and Nationalism in the 19th Century. May also focus on the history of a particular country or subregion, such as modern Brazil, Central America, or the Caribbean.

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Spring 2018

Alejandro Velasco
W: 4:55 PM - 7:35 PM KJCC 701