Honors Program

To graduate with honors in the major, a student must maintain at least a 3.65 average in the 10 courses required for the major, earn at least a 3.65 GPA in the College of Arts and Science, and write a senior honors thesis in his or her final year. At the end of the junior year, each honors student meets with the director of undergraduate studies for initial advisement and approval. Following this approval, a student may write the honors thesis by taking the Senior Seminar course (COLIT-UA 400) in the fall semester and then enrolling in a thesis writing independent study in the spring semester. This independent study will be conducted under the supervision of a faculty member of the Department of Comparative Literature whose area of academic expertise coincides with the focus of the honors thesis. To be awarded honors, a student must complete this two-course sequence spanning two semesters and produce a quality senior thesis. The senior honors thesis seminar (COLIT-UA 400) is in addition to the four courses originating in the Department of Comparative Literature and the other six courses of the major. The independent study can count as one of the ten major requirements, pending approval from the director of undergraduate studies.