Brio Literary Journal

BRIO showcases exemplary and thought-provoking work of interdisciplinary focus, by undergraduate college students across the nation. Our journal combines a variety of genres; we publish academic papers, creative pieces, and artwork with an intertextual, interdisciplinary or translational focus. In line with the philosophy of Comparative Literature, the mission of the journal has always been to feature undergraduate works originating across various departments and disciplines.

BRIO: The NYU Comparative Literature Journal was founded over fifteen years ago and continues to be published entirely by undergraduate students, with the support of New York University’s Comparative Literature Department. BRIO has published over two-hundred fifty exceptional student writers and visual artists in over ten different languages. We offer undergraduate students the experience of academic publishing and help them communicate ideas to inform, inspire, entertain, and connect them with readers everywhere.

Open Call for Submissions

The editors invite you to submit short stories, poems, articles, essays, visual images, screenplays, stage plays, sheet music, lyrics, etc. The submission deadline is Tuesday, November 1st. All undergraduates, regardless of their field of study, may submit materials of an intertextual, intercultural, inter-disciplinary focus in any language.

Submissions should be no longer than three pages, double-spaced. All text documents should be in an editable .doc or .docx format. All images should be in .jpg format.

Further questions and submissions should be sent to