Alumni Profiles

Lucy Ives

Graduated Spring 2017

Languages: German, French and Japanese

Research Interests: Intermedial modernism, Folk art in America

Lucy Ives' novel Impossible Views of the World will be published August 1, 2017.  The book is available for preorder from Penguin Random House et al., here.


Kevin Goldstein

Graduated Winter 2016

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian 

Research Interests: Comparative Literature of the Americas; disability studies

Erag Ramizi

Graduated Summer 2016

Languages: Albanian, Spanish, French

Research Interests: Time and temporality, anachronism, realism, theories of the novel, genre criticism, history and historiography, peasant studies, urban studies, theories of revolt and revolution, aesthetics and politics, Balkan literature and cinema. He is currently working on a book project, tentatively entitled Reading the Peasant Question, which looks at literary contributions to agrarian debates across Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Nienke Boer

Graduated Spring 2016

Languages: Afrikaans, German, French

Research interests: Her dissertation, "Indian Ocean Passages: Time in Narratives of Indenture and Internment," focuses on the narratives produced by and in the wake of the mass movement of people between South Asia and South Africa at the turn of the last century, looking specifically at two groups: Indian indentured laborers who arrived in South Africa between 1860 and 1909, and South African Prisoners-of-War who were held in South African POW campus during the second South African War (1822-1902). Her work has been published in MLN, and she is the recipient of the 2015-16 Mellon Dissertation Fellowship in the Humanities at New York University.

Sonia Werner;

Graduated Spring 2016 

Languages: German, French, Spanish 

Research interests: Realisms, inventions of a useable present

Ozen Nergis Seckin

Graduated Fall 2015

Languages: Turkish, Spanish, French 

Research interests: Time regulation institutes, cultural imagination

Sage Anderson

Graduated Summer 2015 

Languages: German, French, Spanish

Research interests: Chamfort, Benjamin

Manuel Gonzalez

Graduated Summer 2015 

Languages: Spanish, French, Specialization in Performance Studies

Research interests: Narratives in resentment

Cecilia Moss

Graduated Spring 2015

Languages: German, French, Specialization in Media Studies

Research interests: Expanded Internet art