Department Fellowships and Awards

In addition to the Henry Mitchell MacCracken Fellowship, many other fellowships and awards are available to our Ph.D. students: Summer Fellowships for 1st year Ph.D. Students, the Anais Nin Memorial Fellowship, the Penfield Fellowship, Comp Lit Student Travel Awards, GSAS Fellowships and Awards, and External Fellowships and Awards.

Comp Lit Summer Fellowships for 1st year Ph.D. Students

The Department will make $1,000 in funding available to each of our 1st year Ph.D. students in the summer after his/her 1st year of study in the program.  These fellowships are primarily intended to support language training or research toward the dissertation.

To receive the Summer Fellowship, 1st year students must be in “good academic standing” as defined by GSAS*, and should submit a brief statement of purpose and up-to-date academic transcript to the Director of Graduate Studies.  The date for this submission will be announced annually by the department (usually the beginning of March).

Anais Nin Memorial Fellowship

The Department awards this endowed fellowship to an outstanding student of Comparative Literature who has completed all requirements for the Ph.D. except the dissertation.  There is no application for this award.

Penfield Fellowship

The Department awards this endowed fellowship to an advanced dissertation-level student studying in the area of belle-lettres, international affairs, and/or diplomacy.  There is no application for this award.

Comp Lit Student Travel Awards

Ph.D. students in years 1 through 5 of their studies can apply for a variety of travel award options to present papers at  scholarly or professional non-student conferences. Applications should be submitted to Laryssa Witty (

Note:  We strongly advise that students apply for the GSAS Travel Grant for the first instance of conference travel (GSAS almost always awards first-time applicants; their travel grant is more than ours; their travel grant is also open to MA students).

Eligibility and Application

  • Applicants must be matriculated Ph.D. students in “good standing”* in the Department of Comparative Literature and cannot be past their 5th year.  Terminal M.A. students, Fulbright Scholars, non-degree candidates, Visiting Scholars, and Global Scholars are not eligible.
  • Travel awards are not made for attendance only, i.e., students must be presenting a conference paper.
  • Travel awards are not made for presentations at graduate student conferences.
  • Travel awards are not made to students on leave of absence or those maintaining matriculation.
  • Applications must be accompanied by a letter or e-mail of acceptance from conference organizers.

Award Options      

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students can apply for up to $400 in travel award. This can be either two $200 awards for two conferences OR $400 in travel award for one conference.
  • 4th and 5th year students can apply for another $350 travel award to one conference. If a student has not used one of the earlier $200 amounts, this $200 can be combined with the $350. (Both the $200 amounts cannot be carried into the 4th/5th years).

*GSAS Good academic standing = minimum GPA of 3.0; must have successfully completed 66 percent of credits attempted while at NYU, not including current semester; Courses with grades of IP, IF, N, W, and F are not considered "successfully completed."

Language Acquisition Grants

The department may have limited funds available at the end of any given academic year. While these funds are not guaranteed, if the department is in a position to offer Language Acquisition Grants, they will be made available to 2nd and 3rd year students upon application. The purpose of the awards are to provide partial funding to students with summer projects  related to research or language acquisition.  In the event the department offers Language Acquisition Grants, an announcement will be sent to students in early May. 

The application procedure is as follows:
-A brief project description (limit to 1 page)
Should identify the specific research question OR plan for language study. Project description should include the signifigance of the project for future dissertation research. Note your project need not necessitate travel; research projects undertaken in NYC will be considered.
-Budget proposal (itemized)
One-page budget including proposed expenses for travel, lodging, and other expenses related to the summer project, up to $4,000. (Living expenses will be considered as part of the proposed budget.)
-Up-to-date CV
-Unofficial transcript from Albert


GSAS Fellowships and Awards

Each spring and fall, the Graduate School of Arts and Science offers the opportunity to apply for various fellowships and awards designed to reward exceptional students who are actively engaged in thesis research or dissertation writing.  A list of current GSAS Fellowships and Awards appears below.  Please see here for award descriptions and details of application.  Contact Laryssa Witty with further questions.

Fall:  Dissertation Writing Fellowships, Dissertation Research Fellowships, Dean’s Fellowships, James Arthur Fellowship, Elaine Brody Fellowship for the Humanities, Lane Cooper Fellowship, Torch Fellowship

Spring:  GSAS Summer Pre-doctoral Fellowship, Andrew Sauter Fellowship for Pre-doctoral Students in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Maizer Summer Fellowship, Patricia Dunn Lehrman Fellowhip, Robert Holmes Travel/Research Award for African Scholarship, Margaret and Herman Sokol Post-doctoral Fellowship, Dean’s Outstanding Dissertation Prizes, Dean’s Outstanding Student Teaching Awards, Arts and Science Prize Teaching Fellowship

External Fellowships and Awards

For information on external fellowships and awards, please contact the NYU Office of Student and Academic Life (OASL) at: 212-998-8060212-998-8060 or