Ancient Philosophy Ph.D. Track

This track is for Classics Ph.D. students who wish to specialize in Ancient Philosophy. Students on this track will satisfy all the normal requirements for the classics Ph.D., and some additional recommendations indicated below. There is no specific degree in ancient philosophy, but students who complete the track will receive a Certificate of Ancient Philosophy, authorized by the Classics Department.
NYU is an excellent place at which to study ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. The NYU Classics Department has several members who specialize in ancient philosophy, including David Konstan, Marko Malink, Phillip Mitsis (currently at the Abu Dhabi campus), and David Sider. The Philosophy Department also has considerable strength in this area, in particular Jessica Moss; other members with a strong interest in ancient philosophy are Kit Fine, Tim Maudlin, John Richardson, and David Velleman. There are additional faculty specializing in ancient philosophy in the consortium partner institutions, CUNY and Fordham University.
Courses: Students in the Ancient Philosophy track are required to take at least two courses in ancient philosophy, and two courses in other aspects of philosophy offered by the NYU Philosophy Department. The latter courses count toward fulfilling the general Classics Department requirement that doctoral students take at least two courses outside the Classics Department.
Reading list and exams: Students will take the examination on “Ancient Thought” as one of their special area exams. The reading list will be adjusted to emphasize ancient philosophical writers for those students taking this track.

Students may join the track at any point up to the beginning of the thesis prospectus (normally in the fifth term). Students are advised to indicate their interest in the track upon application, but there are no reserved places, nor does a declaration of interest affect prospects of admission.