Graduate Courses Fall 2017

Greek Survey, CLASS-GA1009   
TBA, David Sider   

Aeneid, CLASS-GA2882  
Wednesday, 4:15-6:15, Alessandro Barchiesi

Aristophanes, CLASS-GA2970  
Tuesday, 6:30-8:30, Peter Meineck (at CUNY)

Greek Drama in the Mediterranean & Black Sea, CLASS-GA3004    
Wednesday, 6:30-8:30, Barbara Kowalzig
In recent years, our knowledge of the performance of ancient drama outside Athens and beyond the fifth century has significantly increased. We are now much better informed about theatrical cultures across the Mediterranean and Black Sea, the impact of re-performance, the organisation and financing of theatre productions, the social and economic status of actors, and the archaeology of theatre. This seminar will provide an introduction to this thriving research field. It will then look at the motivations and mechanisms governing the spread of drama during the classical period and at the performance of drama in local social and religious contexts such as Sicily, Macedonia, and the Black Sea. In particular, on the basis of a number of individual plays, we will examine the role of myth and ritual in Athenian drama in forging cultural and economic relations between Athens and peoples and places across the Mediterranean, and in conceptualizing maritime spaces, journeys, and connectivities by sea. For example, what exactly is the relationship between the mythical themes appearing on the Athenian stage and the economic significance of the area portrayed? Time and interest permitting, we will also examine Hellenistic performance culture, as well as the evidence for theatre in Roman Greece.

For a taste of the field and for some introductory reading, see O. Taplin, ‘Spreading the Word through Performance’ (1999); B. Kowalzig, ‘Nothing to do with Demeter? Something to do with Sicily! Theatre and Society in the Early Fifth-century West’ (2008); K. Bosher (ed.), Theatre Outside Athens. Drama in Greek Sicily and Italy (2013); B. Kowalzig, ‘Transcultural Chorality: Iphigenia in Tauris and Athenian Imperial Economics in a Polytheistic World’ (2013); E. Csapo, P. Wilson, ‘Drama Outside Athens in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries BC’ (2015). 

Greek Prose Composition, CLASS-GA1011   
Thursday, 4:15-6:15 (Fordham)

Homer: Iliad, CLASS-GA2981   
Tuesday 4:15-6:15, Roberts (CUNY)

Rome & the Hellenistic East, CLASS-GA3000
Monday, 6:30-8:30, Allen (CUNY)

Plato, CLASS-GA2932  
Monday, 4:15-6:15, Simpson (CUNY)