Each semester, CLACS hosts an Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium that consists of a graduate course and a related speaker series. The course is co-taught by faculty from different academic fields, enabling interdisciplinary learning and collaboration. The series invites leading scholars and artists from the United States and across Latin America and the Caribbean to share their work with the NYU community and with the general public. 

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CLACS hosts short- and long-term faculty working groups that foster interdisciplinary exchange between NYU faculty, as well as with other academic institutions in the metropolitan area. Current working groups are:

New York City Latin American History Workshop

Directed by Sinclair Thomson (NYU) and Pablo Piccato (Columbia), this long-running working group is a partnership between the graduate programs in Latin American History at NYU, Columbia, CUNY, and SUNY Stony Brook. The meetings typically take place the last Friday of the month at one of the host campuses. To join the email list or receive copy of the papers, please contact Sinclair Thomson.

Please see the Events page for information on upcoming events.

Works in Progress in Latin American Society and History

A graduate student run series, WiPLASH invites doctoral students and faculty to present and discuss ongoing research. Papers are pre-circulated, and sessions allow for in-depth discussion in a critical but collegially supportive environment.

To join the WiPLASH list or request a copy of a forthcoming paper, please write to wiplashnyc@gmail.com

Comparative Racisms in the Americas

In this new/old political context, discussions about race and racisms have exploded. Postraciality and the multicultural rights frame are being challenged at the core and more intensely than ever before, glimpses of proto-fascist policies and actions are on the rise. 

As a working group which is part of the larger Red de Investigacion Accion Antiracista en las Americas (RAIAR), we want to continue contributing to the debate on how best to fight against this emergent racist/classist backlash. Created in 2010 by Working Group Director Pamela Calla and Carmen Medeiros, this working group and presenters provide current and forthcoming analyses of race and racism in the Americas.

Our three faculty-directed area studies initiatives—the Caribbean Initiative, the Andean Initiative, and the Brazil Initiative—have in common a commitment to scholarship, education, and outreach related to regional area studies. The Initiatives draw on NYU’s depth of expertise in each of these areas from faculty across the University, and bring together faculty, students, and the public from the New York area for public workshops, lectures, symposia, and other events. The Initiatives promote research from and in the regions, and also engage New York City as home to vibrant Caribbean, Andean, and Brazilian communities. 

Caribbean Initiative

The Caribbean Initiative at CLACS, directed by Professor Ada Ferrer (History, Latin American and Caribbean Studies), draws on NYU’s depth of expertise in the field and brings together faculty, students, and the public from the New York area for public workshops, lectures, symposia, and other events. The Initiative promotes research from and in the region, and engages New York City as home to vibrant Caribbean communities.

Please see the Events page for Initiative Events.

Andean Initiative

The CLACS Andean Initiative, directed by Professor Thomas Abercrombie, was launched in 2009 as a resource to promote regional training and outreach related to the peoples, countries, and languages of the Andean region. The Initiative is grounded in the CLACS commitment to Quechua language training, the depth of expertise on the region among CLACS Faculty at NYU, the large number of Andeanists at other NYC-area institutions, as well as the presence of vibrant Andean communities around the city. The Initiative brings together faculty, students, research, for colloquia, conferences, and other events. 

For Andean-related events, please see the Events page.

See also information on Quechua and Quechua outreach.

Image by Colette Perold (Ph.D. Candidate, Media, Culture and Communication) during her Tinker Research project in Brazil in Summer 2016.