Research Colloquium

Each semester, CLACS hosts a Research Colloquium series which combines a graduate level course with a speaker series. The course is co-taught by faculty of distinct disciplines, bringing together different academic fields of study. The event series invites top scholars from around the world to present current research to the NYU community as well as the general public. These cutting-edge themed colloquium series and conferences are the result of faculty working groups.

The title for the Spring 2016 Colloquium series was "Political Imaginaries Across Latin America and The Caribbean." 

This series explores Latin American and Caribbean political imaginaries as they are shaped by nation-state building, globalization, and emerging social movements. We will address the complicated field of politics as embodied in practices and discourses of nationality, citizenship, activism, ethnic difference, gender frameworks and aesthetic paradigms. We will explore how the ever-shifting dynamics between political discourse and social change delineate the horizons of possible subjecthoods and communities of political belonging and action. This class will generate conversations across space and time through a comparative lens and a multidisciplinary approach. The class will be part of a colloquium that takes place Monday nights throughout the semester. Students are required to attend the colloquium talks.


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