nexo: CLACS newsletter

We title our publication nexo, meaning a hub, core, center, and point of connection: the name reflects our hope that the Center for Latin America and Caribbean Studies at NYU be a nexus, a network of people and information, and a meeting place where knowledge and understanding are created and exchanged. A leader in contemporary area studies programs and a recognized National Resource Center, CLACS at NYU offers these synopses of highlights from previous semesters. 



nexo 2014-2016

nexo 2014–2016

Contributors to the most recent issue include: Professor Jill Lane, Professor Gustavo Setrini, PhD Student Marcel Rosas-Salas, and MA Alumni Camila Osorio Raul Rodriguez Araniciba. The cover image for the 2014–2016 edition of nexo was illustrated by Haitian visual artist, Anthony Louis-Jeune (aka Aton). The cover depicts Djatawo, the first Haitian comic-book super hero. 

nexo 2011-2012

nexo 2011–2012

Contributors to this issue include: Professor Sinclair Thomson, Professor Fabienne Doucet, Professor Sarah Sarzynski, and Professor Alexandra Falek,  PhD student Cristel Jusino Diaz, and MA Alumnus Sarah Szabo. The cover image for the 2011–2012 edition of nexo was taken by MA Alumnus Kelly Stetter in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 

nexo 2012-2014

nexo 2012–2014

Contributors this issue include: Professor Jill Lane, Professor Millery Polyné, Professor Pamela Calla, and Professor Nathan Bertelsen, PhD Student Claudia Sofia Garriga Lopez, and MA Alumnus Stephanie Noach. The cover image for the 2012–2014 edition of nexo was taken by Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, prize-winning photographer, editor, blogger, and journalist from Cuba.