New book by CIRHUS member: "L'art en chantier"

A new book by Stéphane Tonnelat explores the relations between contemporary art, labor and urban design through an ethnography of an artist's workshop embedded in a construction site on the fringes of Paris. Is there a place for art in urban design and construction? Stephane Tonnelat followed the work of artist Stefan Shankland over several years in a large renewal site in Ivry-sur-Seine, on the fringes of Paris. His analysis shows a possible new mission for an art connected with professional practice, aimed at reinventing the aesthetic and creative dimensions of work in a world all too dominated by standardized norms and cost cutting practices.The book is illustrated with color pictures and complemented with a artist manifesto for a High Artistic and Cultural Quality.

Ref: Tonnelat Stéphane. 2015. L'art en chantier. Stefan Shankland et l'atelier/Trans305, Paris: Archibooks, 184 p.