Seminar on Pan-Africanism
Fall 2016 - Spring 2017: Pan-Africanism Beyond the 1960s. Intellectual History & Political Practices

February 10: Book Event

The Center for International Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences at NYU, will be hosting a book event with Peter E. Gordon (Harvard), Tamsin Shaw (NYU), and Hent de Vries (Johns Hopkins), to celebrate the publication of Peter E. Gordon's "Adorno and Existence" (Harvard University Press, 2016).

January 27: Révolution Afrique
Pan-Africanism Seminar: "Révolution Afrique. Pan-Africanism from Below in the 1970s in Post-Colonial Paris" presented by Jean-Philippe Dedieu (CIRHUS) & Aïssatou Mbodj-Pouye (CNRS)