Current Visiting Scholars

2016-2017 CEMS Visiting Scholars

Martia PIa Belloni Mignatti (University of Pavia)
Research interests: American and Eruopean rules on nutrition and health claims made on foods

Ipek Celik Rappas (Koc University)
Research interests: diasporic cinems in Europe; ethnicity and mionities in the Mediterranean; the role of film and television production in urban renovation; film and television tourism in European cities.

Francesca Degiuli (CUNY, College of Staten Island)
Research interests: Theoretical connections between political economy and culture; ideology labor markets; intersecting inequalities

Arolda Elbasani (European University of Tirana, Albania)
Research interests: Religion and politics; Islam in Europe; secular models; nation-building; European Integration; democracy promotion; democratization; accountability; Southeast Europe and Yugoslavia

Filip Erdeljac (Vienna Wiesnthal Institute for Holocaust Studies)
Research interests: World War II and the Holocaust; nationalism; immigration; East-Central Europe and Yugoslavia

Daniela Fargioine (University of Turin)
Research interests: environmental humanities; ecocriticism; migration literatures; translation studies; the interconnections of modern and contemporary American literature with the other arts

Rosario Forlenza (University of Padova, Italy)
Research interests: Modern Italian history; the US and Europe in the twentieth century; the Cold War; intellectual history; politics on memory; political anthropology; cultural and symbolic politics; politics and religion, cinema and visual culture; democracy (history and theory)

Teresa Fiore (Montclair State University)
Research interests: 19th-20th century Italian literature; Italian cinema; Italian American culture, and immigration in contemporary Italy, with a theoretical focus on space. 

Nanette Funk (Brooklyn College) 
Research interests: Social and political philosophy, German contemporary philosophy, Marxism, feminist political theory and women and post-communsim.

Maria Hadjipolycarpou (Columbia University) 
Research interests: Shared practices of Christians, arbas, and Jews; postcolonial studies and the Mediterranean; musical and oral traditions; secularism and religion in the nation-state; Mediterranean history; Byzantium and modernity; non-Western moderinities; Early modern and Medieval Mediterranean history; multilingualism; online identities; relations of Mediterranean countries; athnoreligious conflicts, partition, and reconciliation; island studies; nationalism; African-American studies; Caribbean studies; women studies; global and transnational comparative methodologies; interdisciplinary dialogue. 

Leah Haus (Vassar College)
Research Interests: Historical legacies and comparative politics; Europeanization, education, and school curricula; immigrant integration and education 

Janet Johnson (Brooklyn College)
Research Interests: Based on long term fieldwork in Russia, other post-communist societies, and a variety of transnational spaces; gender politics, especially women's organizing, gender violence policy and trafficking in persons

Elise Langan (USG)
Research Interests: French identity; French education policies for immigrants; EU higher education policy; best practices for training secondary history teachers

Mara Lazda (CUNY, Bronx Community College)
Research Interests: Latvia; gendered relationships under military occupation; interactions between gender, nationalism, and transnationalism under socialism and post-socialism; politics and memory of regional identity in the European Union 

Sylvia Maier (Center for Global Affairs, NYU)
Research interests: women’s rights, empowerment and education in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Gulf States; social and political reform movements in Afghanistan and Pakistan; honor-based violence against women; Islamic feminism; women’s protest movements 

Diana Mincyte (CUNY)
Research Interests: Environmental and social justice dimensions of agro-food business, particularly in Eastern Europe 

Behrooz Moazami (Loyola University)
Research Interests: Book project “Euro-Asian State System: Climate, Coercion, Capital, 1250-2050” 

Mary Ann Newman (Independent Translator and Writer)
Research Interests: Catalan literature; academic and literary translation from Catalan and Spanish to English 

Pedro Nungovtich (Independent Researcher)
Research interests: Polish national/historical symbolism and ideas of heroism; Polish historiography, historical monuments, and cultural artifacts; the history of cities; the history of museums; issues relating to cultural heritage 

Ozden Ocak (Independent Researcher)
French/European immigration politics, neoliberalism, governmentality, citizenship, race and nationalism

Flip Pospisil (Independent Researcher)
Research interests: political anthropology; historical anthropology; migration; minorities; subculture; privacy; surveillance; human rights 

Rieko Suzuki (Wasoeda University, Japan)
Research interests: the significance of Italy in the works of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Boaz Vilallonga (Ramaz School)
Research Interests: constitution of a “Catholic modernity” in XIX century Europe

Past Visiting Scholars

Isabella Abbonizio (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
Research Interests: History of Italian music and colonialism during Fascism; 20th century French guitar music; music education; classical guitar

Hulya Alev-Baltali (Private Researcher)
Research Interests: international trade and EU external policy;

Aiste Bartkiene (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences)
Research Interests: Ethical an political dimensions of Europeanization and Westernization, specifically in the areas of environmental change in new EU member states; bioethics 

Christian U. Blume (Leibniz University Hanover)
Research Interests: European Security; Peace Operations; Peacekeeping; Inter-Organizaztional Relations, especially the cooperation between the United Nations and European Security Institutions (EU and NATO) 

Holly Case (Cornell University) 
Research Interests: Territorial revision and treatment of minorities; WWII; History of European renewal and federative schemes; Relationship between social policy and foreign relations

Simone Cinotto (University of Turin)
Research Interests: Comparative and relative history of Italian and Puerto Rican migration; issues of mobility and power in modern Italy and the Spanish Empire; transatlantic political discourse; emergence of diasporic nationalism, slavery, and labor

Ioana Cirstocea (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Strasbourg)
Research Interests: Transnational circulation of feminist political and theoretical repertoires; mapping the establishment of women’s and gender studies initiatives in Eastern European countries after socialism; international production and diffusion of norms about gender equality

Maria Elena Cavallaro (IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca) 
Research Interests: International relations; Cold War studies; Political history; Transitions to Democracy; EU studies; History of Movements and Political Parties

Oreste Foppiani (Webster University of Geneva)
Research Interest: Illegal immigration in the US Coast/Gulf of Mexico and in the Mediterranean; Spanish-American War; Anglo-American Relations during World War II; Republican Fascism; the US and Italian navies; British and US intelligence during World War II; history of European integration; EU security policies; EU-US relations; US power politics 

Amanda Garrett (Harvard University)
Research Interests: Islam in the West; Minority participation; conflict and political violence; transnational networks; comparative and European politics; Middle East/North African Politics; Social policy and Inequality; Immigration and Integration policy; Urban politics

Magdalena Gora (Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland) 
Research interest: the European Union as an actor in international relations, European Neighbourhood Policy and enlargement of the EU, foreign policy and international relations in Central and Eastern Europe and processes of collective identity formation in the context of the EU enlargement and its influence on democracy in Europe.

Deborah Hertz (University of California, San Diego)
Research Interests: Jewish history; Assimilation; European Jewry; Feminist history

Aude Jehan (John Hopkins) 
Research Interests: Foreign affairs in the EU and US; relationship between language, collective identity, representation, and power

Jason Jordan (Drew University) 
Research Interests: Politics of mature welfare states of Europe; Effects of religious belief and culture on individual and national-level support for the welfare state

Hye-Ran Kim (University of Bologna)
Research Interests: school-to-work transition programs in Italy; employment programs; labor markets

Stefanie Leontiadis (ATHENA Research Center)
Research Interests: Theoretical and schematic interpretation of the evolution of the architecture of public open spaces in Mediterranean case studies within the context of post-WWII evolution expressed through the multidimensional layers of interdisciplinary influence 

Fransisco Luque-Castillo  (London School of Economics)
Research Interests: The Spanish Civil War, Spanish fascism as an idea before the war and how it was put into practice 

Margarita Markoviti (London School of Economics)
Research  Interests: Religious freedom in European states; European educational systems

Erica Morretti (Brown University)
Research Interests: Italian colonialism; oral memories of deportation; education, specifically the Montessori system

Thomas Ort (Queens College)
Research Interests: East-Central Europe, late-imperial Austria-Hungary, interwar Czechoslovakia, modernism, the avant-garde, memory of WWI

Judith Pajo (Pace University)
Research Interests: American and European environmental policies

Gyda Petursdottir (University of Iceland)
Research Interests: Gender studies and gender relations; gender dynamics, masculinities and the Icelandic financial crises; family responsibility; leave policies; work cultures and gender relations in the Icelandic police force

Stanislao Pugliese (Hofstra University)
Research Interests: Cultural history of Naples

Rebeca Viguera-Ruiz (Universidad de La Rioja)
Research Interests: Political practices of Spanish liberalism

Lidia Santarelli (Harvard University)
Research Interests: Italian and European colonialism

Roman Schmidt (Sciences Po, Paris)
Research Interests: History of the transnational journal network Lettre Internationale; intellectual history

Daniel Schuker (U.S. Court of Appeals)
Research Interests: U.S constitutional law; rule of law from an international perspective; comparative criminal law in United States and Europe; judicial independence in the new constitutional democracies in Central and Eastern Europe

Pasquale Tridico (University of Roma Tre)
Research Interests: How the EU, which employs different varieties of capitalism, and the US, which operates based on a competitive capitalist model, are coping with the current economic crisis

Irwin Wall (University of California, Riverside)
Research Interests: Modern France, French-American Relations; French Communism; the Jews of France

Sarah Zarrow (Independent Researcher)
Research Interests: Jewish ethnographic and art collection practice in interwar Poland