Masters of Arts Program in European Studies

The Master of Arts program in European and Mediterranean studies is an inter-disciplinary program in the social sciences and humanities designed to prepare students for professions requiring an advanced understanding of Europe. The program draws upon the established resources of existing country programs in French studies, Italian studies, and Hellenic studies, as well as the disciplinary programs, and also offers courses of its own. M.A. students choose one of three tracks for specialization: European culture and society; European politics and policy; or Mediterranean studies.

Eight courses (32 points), a thesis or a special project, and an oral examination are required for the M.A. degree. Of the eight courses, two are required, an introductory course, What Is Europe? A Cultural Approach, EURO-GA 2301, and Graduate Seminar in European Studies, EURO-GA 3000. The degree may be completed in 12 months, that is, two semesters and a summer session. Students are encouraged to complete their summer session at one of NYU’s study abroad sites in Europe.

Knowledge of a European language other than English at the advanced level is also required. Students can prove this advanced knowledge either by having completed during their undergraduate studies an advanced-level language course or by passing the GSAS foreign language proficiency examination prior to graduation. Knowledge of a second European language is also encouraged. A 4-point internship, EURO-GA 3902, approved by the M.A. adviser is recommended.