MA recent thesis topics

European Culture and Society 

Holy Habermas! The Philosopher, the Archbishop, and Religious Accommodation in European Public Spheres

International Nationalism: The Influence of the Diasporas on the Macedonian Issue

Jak Byc Polskim: Research into the Second Polish Republic Educational System and its Implementation in Gimnazjum and Liceum im. Bartłomieja Nowodorskiego

Narrating the Nation: Nationalist Discourse on the Muslim Presence in Bulgaria

Black Political Advocacy Organizations in France

Irish Identity Onstage: A Study of the Formation of the Irish National Theatre and its Effect on National Theatre in the UK

Cú Cuchlain’s Legacy: The Warrior Spirit in “Neutral” Ireland

Sexually Objectified or Objectively Sexual?: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Women’s  Representation through French and American Print Advertising

Irish Nationalism and the Outside World: Nationalist Identification with International Struggles and the Language of Self-Determination and Decolonisation

Myth and Hypocrisy of European Secularism: Islamophobia or Religious Neutrality

Lost Generation: Kosovo’s Imperiled Youth, Kosovo’s Imperiled Future

European Politics and Policy

The Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights: The Politics of Legitimacy

Finding “Federalism”: The Origins of European Unity

Leveling the Playing Field: Government Intervention into Reducing the Social and Cultural Barriers to Higher Education Access in the United Kingdom and the United States

Rational Choice and EU Governance: Does the ECB have a Principle?

Brussels, Paris, and l’Affaire des Roms: Assessing Policy Enforcement Mechanisms of the European Union

Cameron’s Triangle? Living Between the Legacies of Thatcher and Blair

Europe as the World’s Normative Power: European Normative Power in Human Rights at the United Nations

From “Kulturnation” to “Catwalk Power”: The Development of Post-War Germany’s Foreign Cultural Policy

Energy as a Tool of Foreign Policy in the Hands of Rising Russia

Governing Girth: A Multi-Level Analysis of the Anti-Obesity Policy Cycle in Wales

The New Public Health: Health Promotion and Prevention Policies in the EU: Catalyst for Supranational Convergence?

Romani: Europeanization Only at the Institutional Level? A Study of Transparency and Citizen Access to Information

The Impacts of French and German Domestic Immigration Policies on the Development of a Common EU Immigration Policy

Mediterranean Studies


Moroccan Cinema and Popular Opinion: Youth Perception of Taboo in Film

Virgin Territory: Olive Oil, the Mediterranean, and a Sense of Place

Rethinking Greek Nationhood and Citizenship: the Case of the Soviet Greeks

Duck, Duck, or Goose—Games of Exclusion: Hierarchical Racism between Albanian and Moroccan Immigrants in Italy

Collaboration in Greece: An Examination of Athens and Salonika

The Geographic Divide in Italian Higher Education

Issues Surrounding the Implementation of EURP in the Greek Context

Regional Economic Development in Turkey on the Way to EU Membership: Microfinance as a Tool for Local Development

Hispanismo o Multiculturalismo?: Contesting the Understanding of Spanish Nationhood through Spain’s Political Parties’ Ideologies: 1898-1936

Relief and Rehabilitation: The Politics of Humanitarian Aid in Postwar Greece