Joint Degree & Advanced Certificate Options

Joint M.A. Degree in Journalism and European & Mediterranean Studies

The joint M.A. degree is designed to prepare students for careers as professional newspaper, magazine or broadcast journalists with a special background on Europe and the Mediterranean. The program helps students develop both journalistic skills and expertise in the history, politics and culture of this region.This 42-point program includes: a specialized selection of courses in Journalism totaling 20 points; a sequence of courses (one required, three elective) in European and Mediterranean Studies totaling 20 points; and a 2-point Master's project. Students must be formally admitted to both programs. For more details about Journalism, please review the Global and Joint Programs website.

Joint Degree (M.A./M.S.L.I.S.) in European & Mediterranean Studies and Library & Information Science.

This program allows students to earn an M.A. degree in virtually any discipline, including European and Mediterranean Studies, from NYU's Graduate School of Arts and Science, and a Master of Science in Library and Information Science (M.S.L.I.S.) from Long Island University's Palmer School of Library and Information Science. It is designed for students interested in careers as subject specialists or scholar librarians in academic, research, or cultural institutions. The Palmer School's Manhattan location is housed in NYU's Bobst Library, where all classes are held.

Advanced Certificate in Museum Studies

The M.A. degree in European and Mediterranean Studies may be combined with an Advanced Certificate in Museum Studies for those interested in pursuing a museum career. This joint option requires completion of 48 points: 24 in CEMS and 24 in Museum Studies. Eight points from Museum Studies may be counted toward the 32 points normally required for the M.A. in European and Mediterranean Studies. For Advanced Certificate in Museum Studies requirements, please contact the program at

M.A Degree in International Relations with Concentration in European and Mediterranean Studies 

In conjunction with the International Relations Department at NYU, students may pursue an IR M.A degree with concentration in European and Mediterranean Studies. For further information, please visit the IR Department page. Please note that you will be applying for your M.A degree through the International Relations Department.