About Us

NYU's Center for European and Mediterranean Studies (CEMS) serves as the University's interdisciplinary hub for teaching, research and programming on Europe and the Mediterranean -- from both a historical and contemporary perspective.  With a primary focus on teaching, CEMS offers a B.A. degree (Major and Minor in European and Mediterranean Studies);  M.A. degree in European and Mediterranean Studies; and, joint degrees with NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and LIU's Palmer School of Library and Information Science.  CEMS also provides doctoral support for PhD. candidates in related disciplines from across the university.  In addition, CEMS maintains an active calendar of workshops, lectures and conferences, many of which are open to the public

CEMS is the recipient of the European Commission's Erasmus+Jean Monnet Activities award.  The award provides co-sponsorship of a two-year project focusing on the Mediterranean as the southern limit of continental Europe and, today, of the EU.  The project, which involves conferences, lectures, and other activities, considers the historical significance of the Mediterranean as the space of Europe's encounters with North Africa and the Middle East.  It also encompasses the recent challenges of Mediterranean religious and cultural encounters as expereinced through immigration, the issues of the South in the current European economy, the dilemmas of EU expansion in southern Europe, the question of Europe's future relation with Turkey, adn the challenges of commerce and energy on the Mediterranean.

Visit the CEMS student-run blog New York Transatlantic for articles and information on European-Mediterranean related events at NYU and across New York City.  The blog also hosts a calendar of events

EU Erasmus Plus