Current Students' Frequently Asked Questions

Master's Thesis and Graduation:

  1. How do I apply for graduation with the registrar's office?

    Students must apply for graduation on Albert within a specific time period in order to be added to the registrar's list of upcoming graduates. Please click on the links for instructions and details.

  2. What is the deadline for submitting my Thesis Topic Approval form or final thesis?

    Due dates for Master's Theses and Thesis Topic Approval forms are the same every year:

    For a Degree Conferred in:

    Topic Approval Form Due:

    Final Thesis Due:


    August 16

    December 16


    December 16

    April 16


    April 16

    August 16

    **When the due date falls on the weekend, theses and forms will be due on the following Monday. Please note that theses must be received by the deadline. Any theses received after this date will be considered for the following term's graduation.**

  3. What do I need to turn in with my thesis?

    Your thesis must include signed cover page (original signature required); a reader sheet, filled out by you and signed by your advisor (original signature required); a second reader sheet with your name, ID, and department added, but the rest left blank (CEH provides the second reader); your thesis abstract; and a CEH Exit Questionnaire. Forms can be downloaded here. Please read CEH's thesis guidelines for more information.

  4. How long should my abstract be?

    There is no length requirement for the thesis abstract. Generally, it should be about 1-2 paragraphs.

  5. Where can I find thesis-related forms online?

    Thesis guidelines, a sample cover page, and all related forms can be downloaded here.
  6. How will I know if my thesis has been approved?

    Approximately four weeks after the thesis deadline, we will email you to let you know that your thesis has been approved by the second reader and that we've submitted all required paperwork to the registrar.

  7. When will my degree be conferred?

    Roughly three weeks after you receive your confirmation email from CEH, your online transcript will show on the upper left hand corner that your degree has been conferred. Eight weeks after conferring degrees, the registrar mails out diplomas, so please be sure your mailing address is correct in Albert.

  8. I've turned in my thesis—is there anything else I need to do in order to graduate?

    When you have completed enough credits to be considered for graduation, the Registrar's Office will send you a 'Graduation Check Sheet.' This form will indicate if there are any existing requirements that you need to take care of before you will able to graduate. Please note, however, that these forms are printed in advance, and may not reflect pending credit transfers or waivers. CEH also receives and monitors copies of these check sheets, and will alert you if any action is needed on your part

  9. When can I graduate?

    Degrees are conferred three times a year: in January (fall), May (spring), and September (summer). Convocation only happens once a year (in May), but students who have received their degree at any point during the academic year may participate in the ceremony.

  10. Can I participate in Convocation if I haven't completed all of my graduation requirements yet?

    Only students who have completed all degree requirements by the end of the spring semester may participate in GSAS Convocation and/or the University-wide Commencement. Students who have not met the thesis submission deadline and/or have outstanding coursework will not be permitted to participate in either ceremony.

  11. How can I change my graduation date?

    Students can change their graduation dates on Albert as necessary. Any student unable to do so should contact draper.program[at] for help.



  1. How do I register for courses?

    You can register for courses online through your NYUHome account using Albert—NYU's student information services site. More information on this process can be found at:

  2. Why is CEH's fall registration later than those of other GSAS programs?

    New CEH students are still being admitted in the late summer months. CEH does not begin registration until August so all students have equal access to courses.

  3. I'm a returning CEH student—do I need to have an academic advising appointment?

    All students who will be enrolling in credit-bearing courses must have an advising appointment before they receive registration permission numbers. Students who have completed their coursework and will be maintaining matriculation (see more below) do not need to come in for an advising appointment.

  4. When is registration for the fall, spring, or summer semesters?

    CEH advisement dates can be found on CEHs News and Events page and on the blog. University registration dates can be found on the registrar's Registration Calendar.

  5. How do I register for courses in other departments?

    Students interested in courses in other departments may contact those departments as soon as registration is open on Albert for the semester in question. Calling the main number listed on the department website is generally the most effective approach. The department representative will tell you what is needed in order to register. Students registering for courses in other departments must still have an advisement appointment at CEH during the advisement period.

  6. Can I get access codes early?

    No—students will not receive access codes before they have had their advising appointments.

  7. What is Maintenance of Matriculation (MM) and when do I need to register for it?

  8. Bobst Library

  9. How do I register for Maintenance of Matriculation?

    Students register for Maintenance of Matriculation (MM) through Albert, as they would for any other course. MM always carries the course number G47.4747, but will have different call numbers from semester to semester. It does not require a permission number. Please refer to the current list of CEH courses for the correct call number.
  10. What if I need to be at half- or full-time status for my loans to disburse?

    Please see below.


Program Policies and Procedures

  1. How many classes do I need to take to be considered a full-time student?

    Students who are taking 12 credits in a semester are considered 'Full-Time.''

  2. What is half-/full-time equivalency? Do I qualify for it?

    Students who are not registered for either 12 credits (full-time), or 6 credits (half-time), but are completing other academic work simultaneously (such as thesis research) can apply for equivalency. Equivalency indicates that the time a student is investing in academic work each week is the same as the time that would be spent completing a full or half-time credit load. CEH students may normally have full-time status for no more than 4 semesters. The form to apply for full-or half-time equivalency can be found on our forms page. It can be brought into the office or scanned and emailed to

  3. I took an 'Incomplete' in a course—how long do I have to complete the remaining work?

    With the approval of the course instructor,  you may have one year from the beginning of the semester in which the course was taken to complete the work and receive a final grade. If the course work is not completed within this time,  the 'I' will convert to an 'F.' If you require more time to finish your incomplete work,  you must apply for an 'extension of incomplete' within the initial period of the incomplete. Grade changes from 'I' after one year will not be allowed unless an extension has been granted. Please note that the course instructor may stipulate a shorter time in which you must finish the outstanding work.

    For more information regarding incompletes and grade changes, please see Section 3.6 in the GSAS Policies and Procedures Manual.

  4. What is an 'extension of incomplete,' and how do I apply for this?

    If you want additional time to finish your incomplete course work, you must request an 'extension of incomplete' before the term of the incomplete ends or your grade will convert to an 'F' (see Question 3). Once a grade has been converted into an 'F,' no further grade changes will be allowed.

    To request an extension of incomplete, you must be in good academic standing and you must obtain the approval of the course instructor and the associate director. CEH will submit the appropriate paperwork for the Vice Dean's consideration, and notify you once a decision has been made.

    For more information regarding the extension of incomplete grades, please see Section 3.6 of the GSAS Policies and Procedures Manual.