Molecular & Cellular Biology

Molecular and cellular biology laboratories pursue advanced research aimed at understanding fundamental cellular processes including ones implicated in health and disease. Research topics include cell programming, cellular morphogenesis and circadian rhythms, as well as chromatin biology and epigenetics, protein translation and degradation, drug resistance and carcinogenesis. These issues are being addressed in diverse systems, including mammalian cell culture, bacteria, yeasts, social amoeba, parasitic protozoa, worms and fruit flies. Studies exploit techniques ranging from molecular genetics and biochemistry to genomics, digital imaging, mathematical and structural modeling. Researchers work in cutting-edge research facilities and share access to several core services, including the Sequencing (GenCore) Facility (high-throughput sequencing and expression analysis) and an Imaging Core (with confocal and other state-of-the-art microscopes).


NYU Biology Faculty in this research area:

Justin Blau
Molecular, cellular & neuronal mechanisms underlying the circadian clock.
Richard Bonneau
Genome scale interrogation & modeling of transcription, signalling, & chromatin networks.
Suse Broyde*
DNA damage and repair, mutagenesis, and carcinogenesis.
Jane Carlton
Molecular genetic mechanisms of drug resistance & charact. of malaria & trichomonads.
Patrick Eichenberger
Regulation of protein localization in spore forming bacteria.
Sevinc Ercan Genome-wide distribution of proteins.
David Fitch Cellular morphogenesis of nematode male tails.
Andreas Hochwagen*
Meiotic chromosome structure, recombination and checkpoints.
Fei Li*
Molecular mechanisms of epigenetics and chromatin regulation.
Esteban Mazzoni
Molecular logic of cell programming transcription factors.
Alex Mogilner
Mechanics of cell motility and mitosis; galvanotaxis.
Carol Shoshkes Reiss
Neuroimmunology, innate immunity, and viral immunology.
David Scicchitano*
Interaction of mammalian RNA polymerases with damaged sites in expressed genes.
Steve Small
Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation.
Duncan Smith
DNA replication and repair; Epigenetics.
Daniel Tranchina
Modeling vertebrate phototransduction in rodes and cones.
Christine Vogel Roles & functions of RNA-binding proteins and other translation regulators.

*Faculty with a primary appointment in Molecular & Cellular Biology


Sample course curriculum in this research area: