Elodie Ghedin

Professor of Biology and Global Public Health; Faculty Director of Genomic Sequencing


Areas of Research/Interest

Evolutionary genomics of infectious agents; neglected tropical diseases; microbiome and virus metagenomic studies.


The focus of our laboratory is on defining genomic characteristics of human parasites and other pathogens. Our research is multidisciplinary and draws upon the tools of genomics, molecular virology, and computational biology. Projects include the study of influenza virus evolution and emergence, the analysis of the microbiome and mycobiome (fungal microbiota) associated with the pathogenesis of lung obstruction and emphysema in HIV patients, and the characterization of endosymbiotic interactions between filarial worms and Wolbachia.


To identify the extent of intra- and inter-host microparasite (viruses and bacteria) diversity within the context of transmission and virulence, and parse the relationship between microbial ecology in the respiratory tract and disease progression;

To develop and apply new genomic methods to study microbial pathogens, particularly the associations with their hosts in the context of human disease;

To elucidate the molecular basis behind the adaptation of macroparasites, such as worms, to niches in their human hosts.

Affiliated with other departments or programs

Department of Epidemiology, College of Global Public Health

External Affiliations

Adjunct, Department of Computational & Systems Biology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


Selected Works


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