Teaching Opportunities

PhD Students

There are teaching opportunities available to 1st through 5th year students with an emphasis on teaching in the first two years of study. The details of assignments available and the recruitment process are presented at a PhD student town hall meeting each spring.

Postdoctoral Fellows

We now offer limited teaching opportunities to postdoctoral fellows. Please contact Biology Administration for more information.

Masters Students

There are a limited number of Teaching Adjunct (TA) positions available each semester in the Department of Biology and in the College Core Curriculum (CORE). We always have more interested students than open positions. Additionally, because of the large demand for assignments, students are more likely to get teaching assignments in their second semester or in their second year of study. There is no guarantee of a teaching assignment.

Available Positions:
In general, Biology MS students are only permitted to teach in our Principles of Biology Labs and in CORE courses taught by Biology faculty.

Position:  Laboratory Section Leader, $5,570.10 per section assigned
Openings:  15, Spring Semester Only
Schedule:  TBD by the Instructor of Record prior to the first week of class
Requirements:  Must attend weekly TA meetings, help write and submit weekly quiz questions, write and grade homework, proctor and grade quizzes and exams, record attendance, give lectures at the beginning of each lab section, lead and supervise lab sections according to procedure manual, answer student questions, and help tabulate grades.

Course:  CORE-Various (Azmitia, Siegal, Rockman, Rampino or Volk)
Position:  Section Leader, $7,841 for 2 sections
Openings:  12
Schedule:  Determined by CORE office
Requirements:  Must supervise 1hr 50min lab sessions which are prepped by CORE staff. Lead students through each week's experiment, administer lab quizzes, and answer questions. Grade problem sets and exams using a supplied key, and lead test prep sessions in place of lab the week prior to each exam. To perform test prep effectively, TAs must attend the lectures.

To be eligible to teach for the Department of Biology, students must be in good standing with the Department and University, students must submit a current resume for consideration, students must be interviewed by a department faculty (interview dates to come), and students must not have a poor prior TA performance review on file.

All of the courses above require students to give mini-lectures, lead discussions and help students one-on-one. Therefore good communication skills, as well as the ability to speak and understand English very well are essential.

MS students who are also code 103 NYU employees and are paid 100% from research funds are not eligible for teaching assignments.

We recruit MS students for teaching assignments approximately 3 months prior to the semester in which they will be assigned. Biology administration sends out an invitation to apply (via email) to all continuing students. Application instructions are given at that time, but please note that all new adjuncts are required to complete an interview before a position will be offered.

Please note: 
We always have more interested students than open positions. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE OF A TEACHING ASSIGNMENT.  Additionally, because of the large demand for assignments, incoming students will not receive an invitation to apply for a TA positions in their first semester. Students are more likely to get teaching assignment in their second year of study.