Graduate Biology Group

All Biology Department graduate students automatically belong to an organization known as the Graduate Biology Group (GBG). The purpose of the GBG is to represent the interests of its constituency (all Biology graduate students) at university functions. Representation on various committees, Graduate Student Council meetings, and miscellaneous University functions, are undertaken by the GBG. Also, the GBG is involved in the recruitment of faculty candidates by encouraging graduate students to attend faculty candidate seminars and subsequent graduate students meetings with the candidate.

With a budget obtained from GSAS, the GBG organizes various functions including the annual Non-retreating Retreat, student-sponsored seminars, and social functions. The GBG executive board is composed of 6 members. Although many of the duties are carried out by these executive board members, all students are encouraged to become active members. It is noteworthy that involvement in the GBG often helps a student academically, as several University awards take service and GBG participation into account.

The GBG is an important component of the department; helping to unite the students and mold the academic environment into a favorable one for study and research. It is a progressive organization that is constantly pursuing these goals.