Financial, Insurance & Housing Information

Financial Support

Doctoral students are admitted to the program with the assurance of financial support for the full duration of their graduate career. A number of University fellowships, scholarships and assistantships are also available on a competitive basis to support students. After assignment to an individual laboratory to complete their dissertation research, students are expected to be supported through individual grants, training grants or other sources of individual research support provided by their mentors.

Graduate students are also strongly encouraged to actively seek their own external fellowship support. Such awards are available from a variety of Federal (National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health), private (Howard Hughes Foundation), public, charitable and industrial sources. Students are also eligible to apply for numerous small grants that provide research costs, travel and other project funding. Information on such financial support is maintained by the Department (Coordinator of Student Advisement). Also, the GSAS Office of Student Affairs and Academic Services (One Half Fifth Avenue; GSAS website) is an important source of information on both extramural and intramural financial assistance. Refer to the Graduate School of Arts and Science Bulletin for additional financial aid information.

Students on probation are not eligible for departmental financial aid.

Tuition remission provided through assistantship and fellowship covers the tuition per point that each student registers for each semester; however, all students must pay the nonrefundable registration, services, and academic support fee which is charged per point. Tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year is $1,664 per point, plus additional nonrefundable registration and service fees.


Health Insurance

Whether enrolled in an NYU-sponsored Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan or maintaining alternate health insurance coverage, all matriculated NYU students have access to comprehensive services at the Student Health Center at no- or –reduced cost. and



NYU participates in a subsidy program for full time graduate students with a child(ren) under the age of six. Read more and apply here. Other information on parenting resources for students can be found through the Students with Children page.



First year doctoral students are eligible to receive housing benefits while they are enrolled full time and in good standing. Subsidized, furnished housing, through the MacCracken program, located in Stuyvesant Town, which is approximately 1 mile from the Department and served by a free campus shuttle bus, is available for first year students. More information on the MacCracken Housing Program can be found at the GSAS General Graduate Housing website.

After the first year, doctoral students are encouraged to visit the NYU Off-Campus Housing Office for assistance in finding housing.

NYU has limited on-campus graduate housing for students after their first year. Interested students can apply to the Housing Office to be placed on a waitlist. When selecting students from the waitlist, GSAS gives priority to international students and to students who have a permanent United States address that is more than 35 miles from NYU. Click here for more information about on-campus housing options.

See more resources for graduate students on the graduate school's resource page.