As a Biology major, can I get help finding a lab in which to do research?

Yes. General advice about finding a research opportunity is available on the BioDUGS blog. You may also speak with a faculty member in your field of interest to get advice on which labs do research in this field and on how to contact a professor about joining his or her lab. To do this, send an email to biology.dugs@nyu.edu with "finding a lab" as the subject line, and be sure to specify what areas of biology you are interested in.

How can I find out what courses may be offered this year?

The best place to check for course information is always on ALBERT. However we have a PDF course offering sheet that you can use to help with planning. It is on the Undergraduate Program page under useful links. It is subject to change but we attempt to keep it as up to date as possible.

How do I declare Biology as my major or minor?

Declaring Biology as your major or minor is easy. Visit the forms page of our website and fill out the majors or minors declaration form. Submit it to the Undergraduate Administrative Aide in the Biology Department located on the 10th floor of the Silver Center, room 1009. Students who declare Biology as their major will be assigned a faculty adviser and will be invited to join our listserv for majors called BioNews. This is the main form of communication between the Department and majors for announcements and reminders.

As a Sophomore or Junior can I become a Biology major?
If you are a current Sophomore, yes you can still be a Biology major, provided that you have completed both (a) Principles of Biology-I, -II and (b) General Chemistry-I, -II. The courses you will need to register for as a Junior are: Molecular and Cell Biology, Organic Chemistry, and possibly an upper-level Biology course if you feel you can handle three science courses in a semester. Otherwise you can complete the five upper-level Biology courses in your Senior year. Please keep in mind that this option limits what Biology electives you can complete. You will need to complete the required Physics courses in your senior year, so you must consider possible course conflicts.

If you are a current Junior, you will probably need an extra year to complete the Biology requirements, depending on the Placement/Transfer credits you have.

How do I undeclare Biology as my major or minor?
To undeclare download the undeclare major or minor forms on our forms page and submit them to the same person listed above.

How do I get my poster printed in the Biology office?

Email your poster to biology.posters@nyu.edu. Same day service is available on business days. The submission deadline is 2:00pm. Posters will be ready for pickup 30 minutes before the Biology Office closes, which is typically 4:30pm. You will receive an email when your poster has been queued. Posters received after the submission deadline will be ready for pickup the following business day 30 minutes before the Biology Office closes. Poster service is not available during the NYU Winter Recess. Check the NYU Office Holiday Calendar to verify the dates.

The preferred format for posters is PDF. We can also process PowerPoint, Word, Adobe Illustrator and encapsulated postscript. Be sure that your file includes all embedded fonts and images. We stock 36 inch wide HP Semi-Gloss paper rolls. FullBleed (aka edge to edge) printing is available. Set the document dimensions to the final size (e.g. 36in x 48in) and keep 6mm clear between the edges of the poster (i.e. sides, top, bottom) and important text or images otherwise they may be clipped.

Posters are not waterproof. We recommend bringing a poster tube or plastic bag when rain is expected. Printing of draft copies and reprints is strongly discouraged.

If you are participating in the annual Undergraduate Research Conference, MS poster session or the annual Non-retreating Retreat, please allow plenty of time to print your poster. The printer gets backlogged before these events. Your event coordinator will most likely send out a revised submission deadline for your event.

How do I transfer credits to my biology major or minor?

If you are trying to transfer credits you previously earned before entering NYU (from a different school), NYU admissions has to first accept the credits. Next you will need to obtain a syllabus that includes information about the textbook used in the course, the topics covered week-by-week, and how the course grade was generated (a course description is NOT a syllabus!) for the course you are trying to apply to your Biology major or minor. The Assistant Director of the Biology undergraduate program will review the syllabus and determine if the course can be applied to the major or minor. You can arrange for the Assistant Director review through the Undergraduate Administrative Aide.

Why don't my transfer credits appear on Albert showing that I have fulfilled a specific Biology course?
Transfer credits are not automatically applied toward a specific Biology course, but are applied toward the science MAP requirement or applied as general elective toward the 128 credits needed to graduate from CAS.

Can I take a Biology course outside NYU?
Yes, as long as the biology department has approved the course as being equivalent through a review of the course syllabus, and you have received the approval from the Dean's office. You MUST seek the approval from both the department and the Dean's office before you register into the non-NYU course. Retroactive approval will not be given.

How do undergraduate research credits work?

There are two types of research credits that you can earn. Independent Study is for those doing research with a faculty member in the Biology department. Internship is for those doing research outside the department. Both types of research will require that you complete the appropriate application form (which you can get from the Undergraduate Administrative Aide in the Biology Department office on the 10th floor of the Silver Center, Room 1009), and submit the requested information to the department for approval.

When can I register for research credits?
Registering for research credits can only be for the Fall and/or Spring semester. You are responsible for submitting all requested supporting material several weeks before the beginning of the semester or during registration week.

Can I use the research credits in place of the Lab Skills (At the Bench) requirement for the major?
Yes, both Independent Study and Internship credits can be used to fulfill the Lab Skills course requirement for the major. The requirements for doing so are listed on the respective application form.

Can I get research credits for research that I have already done?
No, you cannot. Research credits cannot be approved retroactively for past research experience. You must be working on a research project when you apply for the research credits.

How does registration work for Biology majors and minors?

Biology majors receive an email via BioNews, our listserv for majors, from the Undergraduate Administrative Aide which will indicate the dates and instructions for making appointments with your faculty adviser. Make sure to reach out as soon as possible to your advisor since many of them are very busy with teaching and research. Come to your meeting prepared. It is helpful to have a copy of your degree progress report and your unofficial transcript as well as a plan for the semester to discuss. You will also need to bring along a registration form found on our forms page. After your discussion with your adviser you will fill out the form and have your adviser sign it. Bring your completed and signed form to the Undergraduate Administrative Aide located in the Biology Department office on the 10th floor of the Silver Center, room 1009. She will see to it that you are cleared to register in Albert within 24 hours of receiving your form.

Biology minors all see the Assistant Director for Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Ignatius Tan, for advising except for Environmental Biology minors who all see Dr. Mary Killilea for advising.

I’m graduating, what do I need to do?

Biology majors in their Junior or Senior year should make sure all biology requirements have been meet (checklist). Majors should meet with their faculty adviser to finalize any courses or address concerns. We ask that all graduating seniors fill out the Exit Interview Form found on our forms page and submit to the Undergraduate Administrative Aide in the Biology Department office located on the 10th floor of the Silver Center before leaving NYU. Congratulations on your achievement!

What are the admissions requirements for attending NYU as a Biology major?

All questions about admissions should be directed to the Admissions Office. The Biology department is not involved in admissions decisions. If you are a prospective student and seek information about the Biology major, most of your questions should be answered by looking under Undergraduate Program on the website.

What are the requirements for Honors in Biology?

The requirements for Honors in Biology are the same as those for the Bachelor of Arts degree, plus: (a) a GPA of at least 3.65 overall and at least 3.65 in all science and math courses required for the major, (b) an additional Honors-level seminar in Biology, (c) at least one semester of 4-credit Independent Study or Internship that is a laboratory-based research project, (d) an additional 2-credit thesis-writing course (BIOL-UA 999) and (e) a written thesis and oral defense of the thesis before a faculty committee. The application form, available at the Biology department office and on this website (under Forms), must be submitted by the beginning of the final semester.

Where can I get advice on being a pre-health student?

The Biology Major Check Sheet (found under Forms on this website) outlines the standard four-year course plan for pre-med Biology majors. All pre-health students should discuss their plans with their Biology advisers, and should seek advising from the CAS Preprofessional Advising office.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the undergraduate program in Biology?

Be sure to look through all the FAQs and the Undergraduate Program pages. If you still have questions about the Biology major and Biology undergraduate curriculum you should contact the Director of Undergradate Studies at biology.dugs@nyu.edu or see the Undergraduate Administrative Aide Biology department office. The office is located on the 10th Floor of the Silver Center in room 1009.

Why should I become a Biology major at NYU?

The NYU Biology Department is vibrant, interactive and collegial, with unusually strong interactions between faculty and students. Our faculty members lead cutting-edge research programs and teach students from the introductory to the advanced level. Our courses guide students in developing a firm foundation of biological knowledge, as well as skills in critical reasoning, quantitative analysis and experimental methods. Introductory courses include labs and/or recitations, for a more personal experience that complements lectures. Upper-level courses are generally small and interactive. Students are exposed to the breadth of biological inquiry, from molecules to organisms to populations to ecosystems, and are encouraged to gain laboratory research experience through independent study or internship. Each Biology major is advised by a faculty member, who provides guidance on course selection and career preparation. Biology majors go on to pursue careers in the health professions, in scientific research, in teaching, in journalism and in a variety of other fields. Any student seeking a strong education in the life sciences will find a home in the NYU Biology Department.