Facilities and Resources

The Department of Biology supplies its researchers and students with a wide variety of the latest scientific equipment.  From our state of the art buildings to our cutting edge imaging facility, and everything in between, the Department of Biology maintains an infrastructure that provides seamless support to our members.

Below are listed the facilities and resources available at the Department of Biology.


Research Laboratories

Tour our state of the art laboratory spaces constructed with the pioneering open lab concept. Read more...

Computational Resources

As our ability to generate data grows, infrastructure to support analysis of that data has become a priority for the Department of Biology. Read more...

Shared Equipment Cores

The Center for Genomics and Systems Biology values collaborative research. Our equipment is available to use by individuals of the NYU Downtown Community. To learn more, please click below on one of our diverse core facilities.

Genomics Core (GenCore)
The Genomics Core Facility in the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology provides the necessary resources to researchers in order for them to perform a wide range of experiments. The equipment housed in the facility covers the areas of transcriptomics, proteomics, genomics and beyond. GenCore operates next generation sequencing machines with ancillary equipment necessary to conduct high-throughput sequencing experiments. GenCore also operates and trains researchers on a variety of equipment for expression profiling, robotics, protein detection and quantification, and flow cytometry.

Biological Imaging Core
In the Biological Imaging Core Confocal Microscopy is only the beginning. Our collection of microscopes includes a spinning disk, laser capture, two photon and others.