Topical Seminar

In this course, we'll discuss debates and topics in science and technology studies to examine how nature and machine anchor our understanding of human and animal, indigenous and developed, man and woman. What are the implicit and explicit ways that natural systems and ecology have become templates for conceptualizing production? What systems or metaphors are borrowed from the natural world to shape technologies and interventions to tame, transform, manage, or improve nature? Finally, how do the intersections of nature/culture and machine/biology produce hybrids, cyborgs, and new relations between humans animals and bodies in the contemporary period? Topics include the production of scientific knowledge, the role of bodies and senses, labor and scientific management systems and networks and the production of technologies and infrastructure.

Theoretical topics selected by students and faculty in consideration.

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Spring 2018

Amy Zhang
T: 9:30 AM - 12:15 PM 25WV 612