Policy for Data Requests from Departments

Departmental Administrators seeking data about their department should first examine OASIS & ASIS pages and their annual departmental data profiles for the relevant information.

Departmental data profiles use both census & end-of-term data from university data sources and live data exclusive to (O)ASIS. For details underlying a particular PDF, please use the "?" atop OASIS and specify the format you would like: [a] the full interactive file that can be opened and in most cases interacted with using Tableau Reader software, or [b] certain portions in spreadsheet format.

OASIS & ASIS contain data about classes offered, graduate students, graduate student financial aid, full-time faculty, academic union employees (UAW 7902 and 2110), and key performance indicators/ratios. If information in these areas is not available in OASIS, the departmental administrator may contact the Office of Institutional Research directly. Only information pertaining to the departmental administrator’s unit will be released.

For other areas of data -- including financial records, student contact or other email lists, current non-census student data, reporting on grades, & HR records for all other employee categories -- please use UDW+ (for access or data questions, please contact your school's Dean's office).