Fiscal Affairs

Office Location

4 Washington Square North, Third Floor

Fax: (212) 995-4909

Note: Hand deliveries may also be made to mail boxes located in 5 Washington Square North, Garden Level.

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Randall Say
Sr. Associate Dean of Fiscal and Administrative Affairs

Ext. 82412

Joseph Wright
Senior Director, Fiscal Affairs
Ext. 87565

Fiscal Affairs

Alyson Miller
Divisional Financial Analyst (Humanities, Social Sciences)
Ext. 88026
Amelia Schroeder
Divisional Financial Analyst (Humanities, School Units and Cultural Houses)

Ext. 88016
DeShanda Porter
Financial Analyst (Chemistry)

Ext. 88275
Jessica Tenaglia
Fiscal Analyst (Psychology)
Ext. 87790
Kim Hildenbrand

Financial Analyst (Center for Neural Science)

Ext. 29699
Selena Emanuel
Assistant Director (Sciences, Social Sciences)
Ext. 88188
Stan Usherenko
Financial Analyst (Physics)

Ext. 87703
Financial Analyst (Biology)
Ext. 88208


Edith Velez

Manager, FAS Payroll

Ext. 29814
Leny Estridge

Payroll Assistant II

Ext. 83752
Tatiana Walker
Payroll Assistant II
Ext. 29638