Computing and Information Technology Services


New Equipment Purchases

We provide guidance and recommendations on new computer, printer, and peripheral purchases. Any machine to be covered under the CIT support umbrella must be approved in advance by the Director, FAS/CIT. Please submit all inquiries via e-mail.

FAS provides one client (desktop) computer for each full-time faculty and staff member. Upgrades may be made to a laptop or higher-performance desktop machine with research or departmental funds.

CIT maintains a database of computers in the departments for which it provides service. This database is used to signal replacement of computers for full-time faculty and staff on a four-year basis.


New Equipment Setup

In conjunction with a service agreement with ITS Desktop Services, we provide technicians to install and configure your new Mac and Intel-based (IBM-compatible) computers and peripherals. Appointments are prioritized by servicing faculty requests first, then staff, then graduate assistant machines. Please direct all requests for service by phone to the CIT HelpDesk (83555), or by e-mail.


Network Connectivity

We assist in connecting new or relocated network-ready computers to NYU's campus-wide network (NYU-Net), and will register your computers with ITS to allow Internet access. CIT can also troubleshoot network connectivity problems and coordinate resolution of the problem with ITS, if necessary.

We assist in connection to the ITS Wireless Network in locations where it is available.

Systems to be connected to NYU-Net require an Ethernet adapter and an active data jack for each machine to be connected.

If you are not sure whether your machine is equipped with an Ethernet adapter, please contact CIT by phone at 83555, or by e-mail, to schedule an appointment with a CIT technician.



Requests for hardware upgrades should be made to the FAS/CIT service agent.  Memory upgrades, additional hard drives, or insertion of new circuit boards can be performed by the service agent.  Service agents will not upgrade CPUs or perform other motherboard upgrades.

FAS/CIT service agents can also perform software upgrades.  Free Upgrades or "patches" provided by vendors will be installed on an as-requested basis.  In general, it is unwise to upgrade software unless specific operating features are needed, or specific problems are encountered that the upgrades are designed to repair. Upgrades that require additional expenditures must be paid with research or departmental funds.


Software Support

We support the following ITS-Licensed Software:
Internet Explorer (Microsoft)
Symantec Anti-Virus
PowerPoint Viewer
Adobe Acrobat Reader

We also support Microsoft Office (all versions after and including Office 97).

We provide limited support (installation and configuration) for:
Adobe Acrobat (Full Package)

For any other programs, we will make a good-faith attempt at installing the package, but do not support them beyond installation.

We provide support for servers on a limited basis, where it is in the best interest of the department and FAS. Servers supported include Netware, Windows, and Linux machines.