7.0 Retirement


Faculty who are thinking about retirement should speak with their Department Chair or Divisional Dean or consult with Associate Dean Jonathan Lipman, regarding specific details.


  • During any extension of service the incumbent may continue the benefit plans and annuity coverage held at the time of retirement.
  • Those invited to serve after retirement should seek the advice of tax and pension authorities before accepting such an invitation.
  • Invitations to serve after retirement shall be issued as far in advance of the normal dates of retirement as circumstances permit.
  • Officers of instruction and officers of administration reappointed to serve after retirement shall be given such titles as the Board of Trustees, on recommendation of the President, shall approve. These titles may or may not differ from those held at normal age of retirement.

The rules of retirement are applicable not only to officers of instruction and officers of administration and others subject to appointment by the Board of Trustees, but also to all other members of the University staff, with permissible exceptions in extraordinary circumstances comparable to those occasionally accorded Board appointees, at the discretion of the President of the University or authorized Presidential representatives.

The rules of retirement are not intended to preclude cessation or modification of active service before retirement, subject to such terms as the circumstances may warrant, recommended by the President and approved by the Board of Trustees.

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