New Faculty, Important Information

The information on this web site is designed to provide answers to the questions new faculty may have about NYU and information they will need to know to assure a smooth start to their careers at NYU. Beyond the information and contacts listed here, there are many other offices and individuals available to assist you in getting started. If you are not sure who or where to ask, please contact Associate Dean, Jonathan Lipman.

NYU Faculty Handbook

The NYU Faculty Handbook describes the organization and functioning of the University, as well as the responsibilities of full-time faculty.


University Human Resources

PeopleLink, NYU's shared service center for HR benefits and payroll provides a variety of essential services for incoming faculty.  Use the HR website to find detailed information on healthcare, retirement plans, tuition remission and much more:

  • Health Care
  • Retirement
  • Tuition remission

Contact: or (212) 992-5465

Family Care Services

The Office of Family Care Services helps NYU faculty and staff find a healthy and manageable balance between work and personal life. For incoming faculty the most significant services provided include help in identifying schools (public and private grades K-12), and childcare, and tools to navigate and take advantage of all that New York City has to offer.

  • Schools
  • Childcare
  • Living in New York City

Office of Faculty Resources

The Office of Faculty Resources, which is based in the Office of the Provost, is here to help faculty navigate all the services that NYU has to offer them. Faculty can find information on programs and departments that assist in the pursuit of teaching, research, funding, or simply living and working in New York City.

Contact: (212) 998-2090 or

NYU Faculty Housing

Living in the New York area is a great opportunity, but also presents some unusual challenges. The NYU Faculty Housing Office is available to help you find suitable housing in New York City, including showing prospective faculty NYU housing or how to navigate the challenges of the New York area housing market. To download the Housing Request Form, please click here.

Contact: Jonathan Lipman, (212) 998-8018

FAS Moving Policy

It is the usual practice of FAS to reimburse newly-hired tenured and tenure track faculty for reasonable relocation expenses. 

Contact: Petal Wellington, (212) 998-8067

Standard FAS Computer Packages

Incoming faculty are provided with a computer and printer.  The current recommended configurations for workstations are based on the NYU standards for computers as provided by The Office of Computing and Information Technology (CIT)

Contact: Richard Israel, (212) 998-3556

Visa and Green Card/Office of Global Services

An offer of employment at NYU is contingent on the candidate being eligible to work in the U.S., including appropriate visa status and or work permits.

The Office of Global Services (OGS) provides comprehensive support and advisory services for New York University's international students, scholars, and their dependents. The OGS is the University's liaison to the United States Department of State, Department of Labor, and Homeland Security, and is the University's designee for ensuring institutional compliance with U.S. immigration regulations.

Contact: Lisa Vogel, (212) 998-4727 

NYU Sabbatical Eligibility

Tenured faculty are eligible for sabbatical leave after six years of service at NYU.  A sabbatical may be taken as one year at 3/4 pay or one semester at full pay.  Subsequently, faculty are eligible for a one semester sabbatical at 3/4 pay following six semesters of service.  If the six semesters of service are "banked" in order to accrue twelve semesters of service, a faculty member then becomes eligible again for one academic year at 3/4 pay or one semester at full pay.  As with all leaves, the timing of the sabbatical must be approved by the relevant department chair. 

Faculty anticipating leave should be aware that the Office of the Provost has developed an initiative designed to meet the interests of faculty on sabbatical leave who are interested in spending time abroad.  Research centers have been established at NYU Berlin, NYU London, NYU Florence, NYU Paris, NYU Prague, NYU Shanghai, NYU Washington DC, and GRI Tel Aviv.  NYU faculty and graduate students who are on leave or have extramural funding and wish to have NYU infrastructural support while spending time abroad may spend up to two semesters at one or a combination of these sites. 

For more information on the Provost's Global Research Initiative, or to register your interest in a particular site,  please refer to

Administrative Planning, Policies, and Procedures

The Arts and Science Policies and Procedures web site describes policies and procedures for several important processes, including assessment of faculty, third year reviews, promotion and tenure, and applying for leaves. These procedures are consistent with and complementary to University policies and procedures found in the NYU Faculty Handbook and elsewhere.

Faculty Research Funds

The Faculty Research Fund is an annual allocation that may be made to individual faculty members to support their research and scholarship. Only the Dean of the Faculty, or the Dean of the College or Graduate School, or a Divisional Dean may authorize a Faculty Research Fund.

Contact: Joseph Wright, (212) 998-7565

Faculty Appointments in More than One Unit

Appointments of faculty to more than one unit are increasingly common in the academy and at NYU in particular. At NYU there are three types of cross appointments (Affiliated, Associated, and Joint) which range from informal cooperation to formal shared appointments with salary and duties divided between two units.

  • Affiliated
  • Associated
  • Joint

Here is a chart that highlights the differences to the above appointments.

Contact: Jonathan Lipman, (212) 998-8018

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

New York University's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), managed by Carebridge Life Resources, is a voluntary, confidential counseling and referral service which is available to faculty, staff, and their family members. The program is designed to help employees resolve problems that affect their personal lives.

Contact: 1-800-437-0911