Summer On Campus

On-Campus Courses

The Office of Summer Programs works with departments to assist in the planning, promotion and budgeting for summer courses. Summer instructors are appointed by the departments with the approval of the fiscal office.

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Precollege Program

The Office of Summer Programs also coordinates the Precollege Program during Summer Session II, an initiative in which a highly selective group of high school students take one or two regular college course for credit with regular college-aged students. Students may also take the Precollege Writing Workshop, a focused non-credit course designed for the program by the Expository Writing Program. Each fall, we request permission of the department chair and DUGS for courses we wish to offer to Precollege students.

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Summer Journalism @ NYU

We offer a variety of courses that take advantage of our NYC location. Learn to research, report, shoot, write and how to wrangle those multimedia skills you know you need! Our courses range from those that focus specifically on unique New York scenes (music, fashion and food) to the more esoteric, such as Writing the Body, an exploration into body-centered topics. We work closely with Bedford + Bowery, an online publication with New York Magazine and NYU Journalism; stories that make the cut get published! For more information about our offerings, please visit:

Writers in NY

Writers in New York offers poets and fiction writers an opportunity to develop their craft while living the writer's life in Greenwich Village. The NYU Creative Writing Program is housed in a lovely townhouse in the same neighborhood where so many writers including Mark Twain, E.E. Cummings, James Baldwin, Willa Cather, Marianne Moore, Richard Wright, and Frank O'Hara have lived and worked. Writing and reading assignments are designed to encourage immersion in the city. Students in the program work intensively to generate new writing, study great literary works by other writers, and participate in a lively series of readings, lectures, literary walking tours, publishing panels, and special events, including The Paris Review Summer Salon.

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Please note: Our office does not handle Admissions or Registration for Summer On-Campus. Please visit and click on "Summer in Greenwich Village" for information on how to enroll.