Arts & Science Administrative Directory

Please email the Office of Communications with updates to the administrative directory.   

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science

5 Washington Square North, 1st Floor, Mail Code 5911, Ext. 88000, Fax 54010

Carew, Thomas
Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science
Ext. 88000

DiGiovanni, Carly Rose
Chief of Staff to the Dean
Ext. 88032

Malave, Karina
Office Manager/Executive Assistant to the Dean
Ext. 88001

Acosta, Daniela
Administrative Aide I
Ext. 88009


Dean for the Humanities

5 Washington Square North, 2nd Floor, Mail Code 5917, Ext. 83704

Dopico, Georgina
Dean for the Humanities
Ext. 83704

Lipman, Jonathan
Associate Dean for: Faculty Advancement; the Humanities; and Global Coordination
Ext. 88018

Mueller, Jay
Administrator, Office of the Deans
Ext. 27989


Dean for Science

6 Washington Square North, 3rd Floor, Mail Code 5825, Ext. 83800, Fax 54181

Purugganan, Michael
Dean for Science
Ext. 83800

Shamis, Maria
Associate Dean for Science
Ext. 83803

Zaiats, Marina
Grant and Special Projects Administrator
Ext. 83804

Robinson, Collin
Administrative Aide
Ext. 83801


Dean for Social Sciences

5 Washington Square North, 3nd Floor, Ext. 88020

Laver, Michael
Dean for Social Sciences
Ext. 88020

Mueller, Jay
Administrator, Office of the Deans
Ext. 27989


Office of Space Planning and Management

5 Washington Square North, 3rd Floor, Mail Code 5923, Ext. 88498, Fax 54208

Huntington, Lisa
Director of Space Planning and Management
Ext. 88033

Loh, Krystal
Ext. 29633

Dermott, Cassidy
Administrative Aide I
Ext. 88498


Office of the Sr. Associate Dean(s) of Administration

4 Washington Square North, 3rd Floor, Ext. 27542

Holmes, Lauren
Sr. Associate Dean of Administration (Human Resources, Communications, and the Office of the Dean)
Ext. 88691

Say, Randall
Sr. Associate Dean of Fiscal and Administrative Affairs (Arts and Science Fiscal, Institutional Research, Space Planning, Technical Services, and Computing & Information Technology)
Ext. 82412

Mathews, Troy
Assistant to the Senior Associate Deans/Special Projects Analyst
Ext. 27542


Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement

5 Washington Square North, Garden Level, Mail Code 5906, Ext. 88112, Fax 54466

Lipman, Jonathan
Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement and Associate Dean for the Humanities
Ext. 88018

Wellington, Petal
Faculty Advancement Coordinator
Ext. 88067


Human Resources Administration

5 Washington Square North, Garden Level Phone: (212) 998-8011 Fax: (212) 995-4701

FAS Academic Appointments

Pritchett, Amber
Assistant Director of Academic Appointments
Ext. 83566

Ortiz, Renata
Academic Appointments Administrator
Ext. 88694

Oh, Jenny
Administrative Aide
Ext. 88069


Administrators & Staff Human Resources

Master, Shabana
Director, Human Resources
Ext. 88137

Knaust-Giraldo, Rhea
Human Resources Manager
Ext. 88029

Sweeney, Jaclyn
Human Resources Generalist
Ext. 83604

Grossman, Samantha
Senior Human Resources Assistant
Ext. 29585


Fiscal Affairs

5 Washington Square North, Garden Level, Mail Code 5806, fax 54909

Wright, Joseph
Senior Director, Fiscal Affairs
Ext. 87565

Emanuel, Selena 
Assistant Director (Sciences, Social Sciences)
Ext. 88188

Hildenbrand, Kim
Financial Analyst (Center for Neural Science)
Ext. 87780

Miller, Alyson
Divisional Financial Analyst (Humanities, Social Sciences)
Ext. 29699

Porter, DeShanda
Financial Analyst (Chemistry)
Ext. 88275

Schroeder, Amelia
Divisional Financial Analyst (Humanities, School Units and Cultural Houses)
Ext. 88016

Tenaglia, Jessica
Financial Analyst (Psychology)
Ext. 87790

Usherenko, Stan
Financial Analyst (Physics)
Ext. 87703


Payroll Office
5 Washington Square North, Garden Level, Mail Code 5806, Fax 54909,

Velez, Edith
Payroll/Financial Analyst
Ext. 29814

Estridge, Leny
Payroll Assistant II
Ext. 83752

Walker, Tatiana
Payroll Assistant II
Ext. 29638


Computer and Information Technology

13-19 University Place, Room B14A, Mail Code 1961, Fax 54372

For Technical Support:
Ext. 83555

Israel, Richard
Ext. 83556

Hutchinson, Howard
LAN Manager
Ext. 83557

Rubino, John
LAN Manager
Ext. 83555

Abrahall, Rick
LAN Administrator
Ext. 29501

Cacciola, Ron
LAN Administrator
Ext. 29502

Scholl, Michael
LAN Administrator
Ext. 29501

Zhu, Danny
LAN Administrator
Ext. 83705

Camejo, Andy
IT Support Specialist
Ext. 83555

Knab, Kenneth
IT Support Specialist
Ext. 83555


Institutional Research

4 Washington Square North, Third Floor, Mail Code 6041, Fax 54536

Tancula, Aldona
Systems Analyst
Ext. 29503

Kaufmann, Thom
Systems Analyst
Ext. 88149

Thilman, Dan
Business Requirements Analyst / Data Modeler
Ext. 83522


Office of Communications

5 Washington Square North, 4th Floor, Mail Code 5929, Fax 53690

Hayden, Mark
Director, Office of Communications
Ext. 88021

Almquist, Kate
Graphic Designer
Ext. 88171

Ho, Herbert
Web Developer
Ext. 88024

Lau, Christina
Web Administrator
Ext. 26558


Office of Educational Technology

4 Washington Square North, 4th Floor

Lewis, Armanda
Director of Educational Technology
Ext. 83648

Lemay, Katelyn
Educational Technology Specialist
Ext. 88667

Sessions, Deanna
Administrator of Digital Pedagogy Initiatives
Ext. 29541

Greene, Andrew
Senior Educational Technologist
Ext. 83685


Technical Services

6 Washington Square North, Rm 45, Mail Code 5829, Ext. 88028, Fax 54375

DeSantis, John
Senior Director of Technical Services
Ext. 88028

Choi, Jong
Senior Manager of Technical Services
Ext. 88003

Colwell, David
Manager, Fabrication Facility
Ext. 83385