Evelyn Berezin has been an independent director and management consultant to technology-based companies since 1988 after a 35-year career in computer design and development. From 1980 to 1987, she was President of Greenhouse Management Company, the General Partner of a group of venture capital funds totaling $20 million and dedicated to early stage, high technology companies. Ms. Berezin founded Redactron Corporation in 1969 and was president of the company, which designed, developed and manufactured word processing systems. From 1951 to 1969, Ms. Berezin was a computer hardware designer and holds a number of patents in that field.

Ms. Berezin received a B.A. and did graduate work at New York University in physics and held an Atomic Energy Commission Fellowship. She has received honorary doctorates from Adelphi University and Eastern Michigan University. Ms. Berezin is a Director of Sion Power Corp. and has served on the Boards of CIGNA, Standard MEMS, Koppers and Datapoint.