About Us

Arts and Science at NYU offers a variety of choice in undergraduate graduate and post-graduate studies.

College of Arts and Science

NYU College of Arts and Science is recognized as a national leader for its efforts to reinvent a liberal arts education for the 21st century. With a challenging liberal arts core, the Morse Academic Plan, at the center of its curriculum, the College emphasizes student inquiry and research; offers unique opportunities for international and preprofessional study; and makes use of the city as a site for learning and service. A liberal arts education thus reconceived is not only personally enriching but also eminently practical in developing the skills and perspectives essential to assume a leadership role in the 21st century. As the new millennium proceeds, the College continues to build on its founders’ goal of providing "Useful Knowledge."

Graduate School of Arts and Science 

GSAS offers 54 programs granting advanced degrees, including doctorates, master's, and certificates. We comprise 200 fields of study covering a wide range of disciplines and cross-disciplinary work. 

As the graduate school that granted the second earned doctorate in the United States, we value tradition, but equally prize innovation and research, the heart of any graduate program. Though we are proud of our past, graduate education is about the future: the future of our ideas about the human and natural worlds and the next generation of scholars, thinkers, and leaders. Mirroring the cultural diversity of New York City, the Graduate School of Arts and Science is an urban, diverse, and internationally focused major research center, with students from more than 100 countries. The Graduate School still honors the ideal expressed by Albert Gallatin, the University’s first president, who articulated the institution’s primary goal: “A private university in the public service.”

Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies has two programs in place, The Core Program and Global Liberal Studies.

The Core Program is a two-year foundation program for students who will complete their education in one of the university's other undergraduate schools. It features an interdisciplinary core curriculum that fulfills the liberal arts requirements for bachelor's degrees in NYU's other schools. 

Global Liberal Studies is an innovative bachelor's program that features core course work in the liberal arts with a focus on great works in a global context. All GLS students spend their junior year abroad at an NYU site. Graduates of GLS will be world citizens, proficient in a foreign language, engaged in international cultures, and well prepared to enter the world of work or for admission to professional and graduate schools.